Why Bachelor parties choose Vegas and how to make the most of your trip

The illustrious bachelor party (or 'stag party' for our British neighbours across the pond); a chance for the discerning single man to blow out the cobwebs one last time before he embarks on a future of marriage to, presumably the woman or man of his dreams.

Originating as early as the 5th century, Bachelor parties have become a rite of passage for all married-men-to-be in western culture and as a result, a multi-billion dollar industry has sprung up seemingly out of nowhere, to cater for it.

Whilst major cities such as London, Berlin and Barcelona all have a rather large slice of the stag party destination pie, in the States (and for many parts of Western Europe), Vegas remains the place to spend your final months (or in some cases, hours) of singledom.

With that in mind, what has occurred to make a long weekend in Vegas so appealing? And how can any prospective bachelor parties thinking about heading to Vegas make the most of their time there? Today at lasvegasinsider.com, we attempt to find out.

Decisions, Decisions

The destination, budget and indeed itinerary of a bachelor party depend largely on a few important nuances. With the best man typically employed as chief stag planner, the direction said party takes will be largely be down to his preferences and those of the group itself. Is the gang a bunch of madcap, carefree fun-lovers? Or does a quiet night down the local watering hole sound like more of their cup of tea? Such is the prevalence of a party-going culture in some parts of the west, an educated guesstimate would dictate that more often than not, a wild night they'll never forget (but inevitably will) seems to take precedence.

Whilst movies such as the Hangover may have colourised it slightly (although who wouldn't want to wake up with a Mike Tyson tattoo on one's face?), Vegas and its array of attractions makes it an ideal place to enjoy that 'wild night' in a safe environment.


Despite being on the west coast (which can add on a few more hours of journey time for Europeans and East-Coasters), flights into McCarran Airport are exceedingly regular (and good value for money). Bachelor groups who are planning booking in advance will benefit from cheaper hotel booking costs and air fares. If your groom decided to 'pop the question' on a whim and didn't leave much time between the stag and the wedding itself, never fear - travel comparison sites such as Sky Scanner can aid you in finding the best value for money.

How to make the most of your Vegas trip

How should a stag party best utilise their time in Vegas? This depends largely on the budget groom-to-be's entourage.

Of course, gambling will take front and centre for much of the weekend and groups should all plan to budget within the confines of what they cannot afford to lose. But what about the actual games themselves? Is your group well versed on the subtle nuances of a casino's table games and slots? Do you know how the house gains an edge in Roulette? Do you know what 'Doubling down' means? Would you go all in with a pair of off-suit Queens on the flop? If the answer to those questions was 'no' or 'I don't know', you might want to do a little swatting before your trip.

As far as casinos themselves go, you won't be surprised to hear you're spoilt for choice in the city of lights. The Bellagio is probably the first casino that comes to mind when people mention Vegas. And whilst it can be infuriatingly busy during peak hours, the Bellagio, along with Caesers Palace and the MGM Grand are all must-visits purely down to their legendary status alone.

Away from the noise of the casino floor, there's plenty of other activities worth pursuing that don't involve dice or a deck of cards.

As a personal recommendation, those who have a penchant for EDM or dance music should definitely consider attending at least one pool party during their stay. Notable acts such as David Guetta and Gorgon City have all been known to spin the decks during the height of Vegas' holiday season and tickets can indeed be bought at a very reasonable price if booked in advance.

For groups looking for more low-key weekends in Vegas however, there is still much to do and see; a helicopter trip over the Grand Canyon is usually firm favourite amongst visitors, as is dinner at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant with breathtaking views of the Bellagio fountains.


World class entertainment, unrivalled casinos and an array of daytime activities are just some of the reasons why Vegas has become such a popular Stag party destination in recent times.

Whether it be on the craps table or busting your best dance moves at Surrender night club, Las Vegas provides no end of enjoyment for the more discerning bachelor party.

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