The best things about online gambling!

The best things about online gambling!

In recent years, we have seen a tidal wave of online casino’s swamping the internet. Online gambling has now become the most profitable business on the web. People far and wide in all corners of the globe are betting on football online, entertaining casinos online, playing poker and even lotteries online. Even punters who have never stepped foot in the local bookies or rolled into a swanky casino afterhours are finding themselves at one of the many online gambling sites more and more, but what keeps drawing people back?

We have all heard the horror stories of online casino scams and may know someone who has become addicted and lost it all. A serious addiction is no joke, but what are the positives of a light-hearted flutter online in comparison to traditional gambling methods?

Spoilt for choice

Where else can you jump between Southpark slots over to roulette and then onto your favourite teams match of the day? Companies that offer a comprehensive collection of fun and popular casino games can offer you a whole reel of options without having to leave the sofa or needing a hundred different usernames and passwords.


It goes without saying what could be more ideal than playing your favourite game from the comfort of your own four walls? You can even put the dealer on hold if you need to pop back to the fridge or nip to the loo. Renowned sites such as Mr Green even have an innovative app to cure the bus stop boredom blues.

Exclusive bonuses

Traditional bricks and mortar casino’s simply do not offer the free cash their online counterparts dish out daily. It’s a dog eat dog industry and to draw you in online casino’s such as Mr Green offer great welcome packages and exclusive bonuses. Online you can try your luck without having to part with any cash first to see if you like the game and get a feel for the casino.

Looking the part

As soon as you click on to an online casino you are a far cry from the traditional rules that follow dress codes or smoking policies. You are the captain of your own ship and can stay in your pajamas, eat and drink whatever you want, watch your favorite series and dress however the hecky peck you like.  Nobody can tap you on the shoulder and ask you to step outside. When you step in to an online casino there isn’t any beautiful waiting staff trying to sedate you with free drinks or make you lose your focus. At home you can take as long as you like before you pull out your killer moves.

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Fresher friendly

A traditional casino can be an incredibly intimidating place for those that are new to the field. Established online casinos tend to cater well for beginners. Many games offer you the choice to select your level, as well as providing tutorials on what and how to play the games. This avoids any social embarrassment in the flesh while you try and get your head around the casino offerings.


Believe it or not playing with your hard-earned cash online is far safer than walking into a casino with wads of cash in your back pocket. You can never be sure who is watching you when you’re waltzing around with your winnings after a shandy or two. Reliable casino’s such as Mr Green are well established and respectable online businesses that won’t scam you of your hard-earned cash and risk losing their clean reputation. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still have your wits about you- be careful and be safe!

Equality and Diversity

It goes without saying for those who cannot leave the house due to sickness, disability or other commitments online casino’s offer a fun experience when travelling to one isn’t possible.

You have to be in it to win it!

So, what are you waiting for? If you haven’t already had a go at playing on an online casino then it is something that you should really consider but remember, play responsibly, and most of all, enjoy yourself!