iGaming at the G2E conference in Vegas

The eyes of the gaming world will be watching closely for new developments at the G2E conference in Las Vegas shortly. In particular, they will be watching the iGaming area for new developments to take the gaming world by storm. Any development to will be even more important for the new breed of online casinos such as the 'Metro Play' casino. To read more about the iGaming area of the conference in particular please visit the Global Gaming Expo site.


In order to reach a broader crowd casinos have started making more games to play online with prizes to be win, which is why the conference will be watched with keen eyes for the gambling industry. Companies such as Metro Play casino will be looking at the new game trends in order to expand their reach and become involved with a wider reaching audience, drawing a new crowd to their doors.

The conference itself runs from the 23rd to the 26th September in Las Vegas and is a chance to meet and network with industry professionals. The iGaming industry section is a chance to meet the top suppliers from the online gaming industry and presents to opportunity to hear talks from experts and learn about the up and coming trends.

The iGaming section is guaranteed to be busy at the G2E conference, especially with the global internet gambling industry set to grow more than 50% in the next five years. No wonder more and more online casino companies are growing interested in the gaming world. With trends already sweeping the industry, such as high profile competitions and the rise in gambling games based around popular culture, it looks set that the online gambling industry is reeling in a new audience.