Las Vegas Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the legal drinking and gambling age in Las Vegas?

21 years old for each. The legal age for gambling or gaming in the State of Nevada is 21 years of age. Casinos are expected to adhere to very strict rules to maintain their gaming licenses. Children under the age of 21 are not allowed in the casino area nor allowed to linger in the casino area while a parent is gambling. How do I check on conventions for the dates I want to visit Las Vegas? The Best source for Las Vegas Convention Information is: Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority

What are Las Vegas temperatures like?

See the chart at the right.

How do I get "comped"?

Good write-up on this page, also some suggested books about Las Vegas comps

How do I collect a bet on an event that takes place after I leave Las Vegas?

Check out the back of your "ticket" almost all of them say the same thing you have 120 days after the end of the meet/event, and the winning ticket my be mailed in for collection. Enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope, and send (registered mail preferred) to the casino's address that is listed on the ticket. They also leave room to put your Name/Address/City/State/Zip.

Where can I check my email?

1st check with your hotel, they may have a business center, etc, also check the CyberCafe list here on our website.

What might be some suggestions for Las Vegas souvenirs?

Here's a quick list picked up from the local paper Las Vegas Souvenirs note we do not carry these items

We are driving to Las Vegas with our RV, which casinos offer RV hookups?

Check out Circus-Circus RV Park or the Silverton which is away from the strip area., south on I15 from Las Vegas at the Blue Diamond turnoff.

Should I tip the slot host for being comped for room, food, etc.?

Casino/Slot Hosts: NO TIP! This is a biggie. No cash money tips can be accepted by any slot or casino host. It's too much like a bribe as they are the ones who determine whether or not you get that free room or comped meal. However, you can give them gifts. One recommendation is for you to bring a gift with "local flair" to a casino host who has gone the extra mile for you. Other thoughts might include food items from your local area like an assortment of jams, or a nice bottle of wine. Also acceptable are things like scarves, ties, lapel pins, tie clips, candy, etc. Gift certificates are a grey area. Some casinos are okay with them, others frown upon it. Another nice thing to do is to send flowers or a plant, but the best thing you can do according to the slot hosts which we have heard from is to write a very nice letter to their boss letting them know how well you were treated and how much the assistance of your host contributed to the wonderful time you had in their casino.

Are there any places that may rent out nice strollers or playpens or anything needed for children to rent?

Initial answer was to contact the hotel where you are staying and see what they may offer you, alternatively there is a place called "Babies Away" and they rent all kinds of equipment. (check their website, they do provide service to Las Vegas/Henderson area, not sure what they charge).

What is the slowest time of the year in Las Vegas?

Next to June and July, the week before Christmas and the week after New Year's are the two slowest times of the year. In fact, December generally isn't a bad month for crowds. Hotel prices sink during the slowest weeks of the winter, making it much easier to get a good room at a great rate.

Best time to visit Las Vegas is anytime, but I would suggest booking a room(s) from Sunday thru Thursday, better room rates, and crowds are smaller, weekends (Friday-Sunday) are getting a lot of traffic from California, and air traffic is starting to get back to what is was before Sept. 11th.

What should I wear at the Casino?

Generally speaking the mode of dress is informal and easygoing, basically it's very casual vacation wear. The style depends on the event that you might be attending. For some events it might be desirable to get a little more dressed up - dress comfortably. To really have fun, you've got to be able to walk without being tortured by tight clothes or shoes that pinch.

Leave that heavy bag or purse at home. It will just get in the way. In many cases there's no place to put a purse except on the floor, which means amid the casino's excitement it might get left behind.

Make sure your money is stored in a convenient, safe place. Clothes with zip-up pockets are great. They let you to get to your cash quickly while discouraging pickpockets. Also, hip-sacks (fanny packs) and body-purses are practical and stylish ways to carry money.

Bring a light jacket or sweater; the casino's air conditioning will probably be set on Arctic blast. Although sleeveless tops and dresses are trendy, they may leave you cold. A light sweater can easily be thrown over the shoulders, or tied around the neck or waist.

Thank you for providing a great list of hotel pools in Las Vegas.  I have one question that was not covered in your article.  Are there any pools open to non-guests for free or for a charge?
Not to my knowledge, as far as we know, the hotel pools are the exclusive use of the hotel guests. Some even have security posted to check to see that you have the hotels room key, if anyone knows differently, please let us know.