Las Vegas Conventions

There are literally hundreds of conventions held in Las Vegas each year, sometimes there will be over a hundred in any given month. While each hotel hosts conventions regularly, some of the largest convention centers include the Las Vegas Convention Center close to the Las Vegas Hilton, The Expo connected to the Venetian, and the Convention Center in Mandalay Bay. If you are attending a convention at any of these locations chances are it is on a very busy weekend and traffic is going to be a nightmare. Here are some suggestions for attending conventions in any of these locations.

Las Vegas Convention Center - Book early and try to get a room at the Las Vegas Hilton if possible. The Riviera is also close by and is usually less expensive.

If you cannot get into a nearby hotel, consider car pooling or taking a cab to the convention during hours because traffic will be heavy.


The Expo - This is connected to the Venetian just off the Strip on Twain (or Spring Mountain west of the Strip). Naturally staying at the Venetian is most convenient however the Palazzo, Wynn, Encore, Mirage, and TI are all on the same cross streets. Parking here can be even more difficult than at the Las Vegas Convention Center even though it is a smaller a venue because it is so close to the Strip.

The Convention Center at Mandalay Bay - This location causes perhaps the least headaches traffic wise, being on the southern most end of the Strip there is not a lot of competition with other tourist traffic.

It is ideal to stay at Mandalay Bay, the Four Seasons which is atop Mandalay, or Luxor which is connected via a walkway. New York-New York and Excalibur are also very close, and MGM Grand has tons of rooms and is conveniently located.

If you are attending a convention at any of the other casinos, it is always best to try to get a room there. If that isn't possible check out a map of Vegas and choose a hotel that is close by. If you are more concerned about saving money on your trip, take a look at our budget section for good deals on a room. Be aware of the size of your convention and how many people are planning on attending. If it is a large convention in the thousands like MAGIC and a few others expect traffic to be backed up and parking to come at a premium.