Las Vegas Coupons, Freebies, Vouchers and Deals

Best Coupon Tip - Looking for those Vegas coupons and discount vouchers for the best deal? There are lots of 'em in the What's On magazine that are in everyone's hotel room for shows, tours, dining, hotels, activities, entertainment, drinks, What's On magazine has a complete list of shows, restaurants, and just about everything else that might be of interest to the Las Vegas visitor! For more coupons check out the local Vegas newspaper - Las Vegas Review Journal, they have coupons too. Also most hotels have sort of a "coupon" kiosk located in their lobbies, they are the same coupons that some folks gather up and SELL to you via mail order, don't waste your money, they are free at most Vegas hotels. If you are looking for a good coupon book then you should consider the Las Vegas Entertainment book, which is packed full of specials for hundreds of restaurants, attractions, shops and more, check it out at here.


Las Vegas Coupons

You can get coupons for a wide variety of things in Las Vegas from shows to meals, even rooms and admission to clubs and night spots. They're everywhere; you just have to know how to find them. That's why we're here.

First though, two scams to watch out for:
"You've Got Mail!" - Mail order coupons. Sure they might be real coupons (they also might not be, or they might be expired), but if you're paying for them you're being robbed because they're free once you get here, even if the ad for them says they're not. They're lying. Imagine someone lying on the internet?

"Psst" Says the Shifty Guy on the Corner - People do the exact same thing on the street once you get here. Again, the place they found those coupons has them for free no matter what they say. Also the "promotion" flyers that claim "free admission" to this or that club you see on every block? Yeah, once you get to the door the bouncer is going to ask if you're insane and tell you to get to the back of the line 9 out of 10 times.

Where to get them:

  1. Phone Book - The phone book has tons. It's that big yellow thing and you'll find it either in one of the drawers or on the table of your hotel room. Don't worry about cutting stuff out either, nobody uses phone books anymore anyway.
  2. "What's On" - There's a magazine called "What's On" in nearly every Vegas hotel room. It's a handy guide to shows, entertainment, etc. and has a lot of great coupons, not as many as the phone book but usually with better deals. This one is replaced with each new guest (or it should be at least) so it's yours to keep. Do whatever you like with it. (Only mentioned because people actually ask. Of course coupons are there to cut out.)
  3. Newspapers - The Las Vegas Review Journal (LVRJ) has coupons, as well as other local publications like Las Vegas Sun and an ingenious little alt rag called Las Vegas Weekly. You can get these from the front desk or just about anyplace that sells stuff or has a waiting room.
  4. Online - Go to any of the named publication's sites and you should be able to print out coupons from the designated section. A couple of places we found outside of these include a nifty gem called "Monday's Rock" - Google that and keyword Las Vegas and it should be there. Absolutely free... yeah free Las Vegas concerts on Monday. Not headliners but real gems. Saw Afro Man free, was pretty cool. Another great site is "Las Vegas Industry Night" - same as above, Google with keyword Las Vegas but wade through the club specials to find the actual site. Specific alcohol companies host parties at different locations throughout Vegas Monday thru Wednesday promoting their brand via $1 drinks. Always fun. Finally probably the most comprehensive and regularly updated Vegas coupon site is Las Vegas Coupons so check it out.

Get Free Stuff in Las Vegas

Yes, you can get a lot of free stuff in Las Vegas. First you need to know the rules though, and rule number one is be cool. The ladies and gentlemen working in the industry who hold the coveted free ticket or whatever have a limited number and are not going to hand them out if you're spilling your cocktail, yelling at the dealer, and tipping your valet in pennies. Next rule is, well you have to spend money to get stuff for free... technically making them not free, but if you were going to spend say 2k at blackjack anyway you might as well see the show for free. After all not like you can afford a ticket after you lost your mortgage going for an inside straight. ("All I needed was a jack." "You mean one of the four jacks we just saw on the last hand? Yeah one of those ja..." Now you see why they give you free alcohol.)

Outside of free shows and free entertainment, you can also get comps for things that you would otherwise need to pay for.

Free Hotel Room:

Be a Big Gambler - A comped room is rare since gangster Vegas gave way to corporate Vegas. Usually you are a big gambler with an invite. Say you come to Vegas and the Pit Boss watches you spend 5k on roulette. He'll say "hi", exchange info, and maybe give you a show ticket. You go home and in a couple weeks you might get a message inviting you back, free room and all. Or he'll talk to your host and say "comp his room" done, your room's comped. Don't ask though, it looks bad and if you're spending 5k gambling then paying for your room shouldn't be a huge issue.

How Much/ Is It Worth It - The amount of money you must gamble would always, in every instance pay for the room itself multiplied several times over. But if you are going to gamble that much anyway, might as well get something out of it. Keep in mind though, what seems like a lot of money to the vast majority of civilization doesn't mean much here. Officially a "high roller" also called a whale is someone spending up to half a million in one sitting. Your handful of hundreds or even thousands isn't as impressive here as most places.

Become a Member - Most hotel chains in Vegas now have memberships. This is a card that keeps track of your gambling habits. Reaching a certain amount points gets you rewards like X amount of gambling credits or a free room. Casinos catering to locals (off the Strip) are considerably more charitable with their rewards.

Free Shows
Downtown Las Vegas has free outdoor concerts nearly every weekend. The site, "Monday Rocks" mentioned earlier has you covered Monday. Otherwise, shows will be comped if you gamble enough. Also try asking your host, maybe they have a free ticket to spare on a slow night. That's really about it outside of sneaking in or telling them your one of the Flamingo Dancers (shave your beard before trying that one).

Free Drinks
Now we're getting somewhere. Drinks they don't mind giving out if you're gambling, and you don't even have to spend that much. Sit at a machine and when the waitress comes around tell her what you want. Average tip is $1/ drink. Various bars and lounges around town have Happy Hours and host events where drinks may be $1 or so. Not free, but hey, better than the $15 you paid for 1 beer at the club last night. These are mostly local places and we mentioned "Las Vegas Industry Night" which hosts events around town earlier.

Free Golfing, Spas, Massages, Etc
Exact same rules as show tickets, see above.