New Hotels and Attractions on the Vegas Strip

There is no denying that Las Vegas has always been one of the most fun places to go to when you are in the United States of America. Can you imagine that over 39 million visitors go to Vegas every year? This city knows how to definitely attract tourists and keep them coming back with its amusement parks and rides, shopping malls, hotels and casino, and wide variety of events that you can choose from.

The City of Las Vegas does not stop there. New attractions are being built every month to make sure that people have a reason to come back. Today, this article will list the new hotels and other attractions that will welcome old and new tourists alike in the months to come.


The Lucky Dragon

Through the initiative of PENTA Building Group, the Lucky Dragon Hotel is set to open in August this year with its ten-story resort on the west side of Las Vegas Boulevard along Sahara Avenue. This hotel boasts of its overall Asian-themed modern design and is said to be a hotel that gives its guests an access to authentic Chinese restaurants, a spa and a bar, boutique shops and gaming.

Wynn Las Vegas

This popular Vegas hotel now adds over 80,000 square-feet of dining, nightlife and shopping venues in a space that extends from the existing Wynn out to Las Vegas Strip. This enhancement of Wynn Las Vegas is set to open to public next year.


Alon Hotel is going to occupy where the old Frontier once was. This hotel plans to be a boutique luxury hotel with around 1,100 rooms in two of its towers and will house a casino, restaurants, nightclubs, and a water feature you can see from afar. This hotel started its construction early this year and is said to open by late 2018.

Resorts World Las Vegas

Resorts World Las Vegas is set out for Vegas North Strip on a land where Echelon/Stardust project was once planned to be built, and is just across Wynn Las Vegas. This ambitious $7 billion dollar project will have 3,500 Asian-inspired rooms, a showroom that can occupy 4,000 people, and to top it all off, the biggest casino in the entire City of Las Vegas. People who are in love with Las Vegas can no longer contain their excitement but this property will open in 2019.

The California Hotel and Casino

After 40 years in the business, The California, one of longest-running hotels in Downtown Las Vegas, is set to get a major overhaul this year in terms of public space designs, restaurants, and of course, their rooms. Boyd Gaming Corporation spearheads this multi-million dollar renovation. Boyd Gaming is a leader in the gaming industry much like Microgaming casinos.

Park MGM

Montecarlo will undergo a major two-year $450-million transformation before it gets its new name Park MGM. This property will offer European-inspired spaces with a boutique hotel that can accommodate 292 guests in NoMad Hotel by the end of 2018. News reports confirmed that Justin Timberlake will be the first artist to play in its 5,300-seater theater that cost $100 million this year. Other artists will soon follow including Lady Gaga.


Las Vegas Arena

Having two arenas is nearly not enough. A 20,000-seater arena, called Las Vegas Arena, had its grand opening last April 6 with artists like Wayne Newton and The Killers performing on stage. This $375 million project can be found behind New York, New York and Monte Carlo resorts and is said to be home to more than 100 events yearly that includes boxing, hockey, basketball, UFC, awards shows, and other major events.

Bigger Convention Center

The Riviera Hotel, one of the longest running hotels in Las Vegas, is set to be demolished to be a bigger site for the Convention Center. This way, the Convention Center can extend to Las Vegas Boulevard.


Wynn’s nightclub Tryst (that has been in operation for 10 years) is to be replaced by a new one called Intrigue with its major renovation in terms of new lights, sound, and design upgrades. The waterfall that everyone loves will stay. This new 14,000-square-foot club can house over 1,000 people who love to spend their night drinking, dancing, and partying with their friends and other club-goers.  Intrigue will mostly play contemporary party music across many genres. A 1,200-square-foot private club, one that is only for those who got invites, inside Intrigue will be a place where phones are not allowed to allow guests the ultimate party experience in privacy.

Transformers / Avengers

The whole family is sure to have fun this year as Treasure Island now opens an attraction site based on Hasbro’s Transformers and Marvel’s The Avengers located on the second and third floors of its new retail site along the Las Vegas Strip. This attraction site offers interactive experiences similar to theme parks wherein you will encounter stories and characters found in Transformers and The Avengers.

Budweiser Beer Park

Budweiser Beer Park will be on the deck of Hexx in Paris Las Vegas. Developers of this new place imagine picnic tables, outdoor grilling, and a place where you choose from over 100 beers. Of course, a food menu will be given that gives you information which food complements your beer choice. Beer Park can be a place good for hanging out with friends, watching a game, or just getting a good view of the Bellagio fountains and the Vegas Strip. The Beer Park will also have taps that give you ice cold beers, cold plates that keep your beer’s temperature, billiard tables, and VIP areas. Without a doubt, Beer Park is going to attract thousands of beer lovers in the months to come.                                                   

There you go! Here are just some of the new things to come in Las Vegas. Have you decided to go already? Go and bring your friends and family with you so they can experience the new attractions and hotels in Vegas! These places are worth checking out! In case we missed some other places, feel free to leave us a comment below!

Images used by lindsayascott and zzim780 under Public Domain CC0