The Top Ten Quirkiest Things to do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Night Skyline

Sin City is, without doubt, one of "the" party capitals of the world. Regardless of your personal preferences or persuasions, Las Vegas has something for everyone. Fancy a few rounds of roulette? You've got it. Want to take in a show? Sure. How about some of the finest dining in the world? Pull up a chair.
Anything you want, Vegas hosts are on hand to give it to you. While this plethora of options makes Vegas a travel destination for one and all, it also means you can sometimes find yourself dazed and confused in the middle of the strip. While we wouldn't go as far as to say there's too much to do in Las Vegas, there's certainly a lot going on.
Fortunately, we're here to help. While we could easily reel off 50 of the common tips for tourist visiting Sin City, we've decided to be a little more creative and run through some of the less obvious things to do in Las Vegas.
Ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, we've compiled what we believe is the definitive list of quirky things to do in Vegas.


The Coolest Bar in Town

Ice Bar Stockholm

Bars are a dime a dozen in Vegas, so we didn't want to pick out any old watering hole to send you to. Although there are many worthy candidates for the best bar in Vegas, we've picked out the most ironic.
The Minus 5 Ice Bar is probably the coolest place in the Nevada Desert, quite literally. Once you walk through the doors you'll be surrounded by huge blocks of ice which puts the temperature down to a shivering 23 degrees. Of course, the hosts and hostesses will give you the necessary attire to ensure you don't freeze to death while you're sampling the range of beers and spirits.
If you like your shots in a frozen glass and a touch of cool, then the Minus 5 Ice Bar is your best bet.

Join Jaws at Mandalay Bay

Las Vegas is notoriously hot, especially in the summer, and if you're tired of taking a dip in one of the hotel pools, then how about swimming with sharks? The Mandalay Bay's aquarium is not only an impressive site for those taking a breaking from the slots and gaming tables, but an interactive experience. Assuming you are comfortable swimming with the younger siblings of Jaws, the casino offers a Shark Reef experience which allows you to get in the tank and scuba dive with an array of sharks. From placid types to the more aggressive Tiger Sharks, the experience is one of the best ways to cool down and experience something a little bit different on the strip.

Like Frozen Yoghurt but Better

Kopps Frozen Custard

Another way to cool off in Vegas when the heat is on is the Luv-It Frozen Custard store. Similar to frozen yoghurt or ice cream but more delicious, this tasty treat has been described by TimeOut as infinitely more smooth than anything Ben or Jerry could conjure up. Although the menu has something for everyone, the Western sundae is a classic and one that every first-time frozen custard customer should try.

The Call of the Balls


We're now four suggestions into our top ten so it's high time we talked a little gambling. While the strip is famous for games such as roulette, blackjack and slots, you can also ante-up in a more sedate way, bingo. Despite being seen as something of an old person's game, bingo has enjoyed something of a revival in recent years thanks to the internet. Thanks to online bingo sites such as betfair (which you can see if you click here now), the game is now more in vogue than ever and Vegas has responded. Of course, you can try your hand in the online sphere before you take on the bingo halls of Vegas. Once you do head out into the light, we'd suggest the South Point Bingo Hall or Red Rock Casino's bingo room.