Top 5 Apps For Your Vegas Visit

So you and your missus have been working hard all year long, you’ve punched your card from 9 to 5, you’ve paid your dues so to speak. Now it’s time to enjoy a little vacation time and just unwind from the work and visit Las Vegas. Vegas is Paris, Italy, Egypt all rolled into one giant light show that never stops. Gambling is the one thing that is always associated with Vegas and if that is your thing than from this casino apps site you can see in which casinos you can gamble. However gambling isn’t the only form of entertainment. Over the years many, clubs, restaurants have opened so it is beyond wise to have a little help i.e. app that will guide you through your whole Vegas experience.

Here are the top five apps for your Vegas visit:

  1. Vegas Mate – Vegas is full of choices. You need to know the best places to eat, drink and play. You most certainly do not have time to read millions of guide books and web sites. This app has info on all hotels, clubs, shows, pools and more on the Las Vegas Strip, Downtown and beyond.
  2. Las Vegas Map and Walks – The tagline of this app is lose yourself without getting lost. If you only read lose yourself don’t worry because this app has self-guided walks featuring the best sites in the city, ranging from world famous attractions right down to hidden gems. If you want to see the city on foot then this is the best app for you.
  3. Vegas Party Stops – This app is basically self-explanatory. It is an app for partying in Las Vegas. The app features exclusive drinks Specials/Coupons to the coolest and best bars on the Las Vegas Strip. These specials and coupons can be added to Passbook to remind you of nearby specials if you party along the Strip.
  4. My City Way Las Vegas – This is the ultimate all-in-one app. Packed with over 25 essential categories of city information including nightlife, gambling, transportation data, popular attractions and tourism, insider local secrets and the best events around you.
  5. Las Vegas App – The Las Vegas app is a tool that provides resources for anyone living in or planning to visit Las Vegas, Nevada. Live and up to the minute information is available to you anytime and anywhere on your iPhone and iPod Touch, whether you need real estate listings, restaurant reviews, something to do with the kids, wedding information etc.

Las Vegas is also called Sin City but it is so much more than that. Aside from the ubiquitous debauchery the city is a place of culture and historical heritage. It is the testament to what people are able to achieve by taking the Nevada desert, a desolate place and turning it into the entertainment capital of the world. It really would be a shame if you don’t visit Vegas at least once in your lifetime.