Play Vegas Style Blackjack

Have you ever played blackjack before? If not, are you interested in doing so? Well, you are in luck, today we will go through the basics of this fun game to help you get the upper hand next time you head to your favorite online casino. If you would like another option or if you learn through experience, you can also learn how to play blackjack online at All Slots.

The Basics

In this table game, your objective is to make a hand that's as close to 21 points as possible, without going over. In order for you to win, you must have a better hand than the dealer. While this sounds simple enough, blackjack is actually a thrilling game filled with risks, odds, luck, and strategy. This combination has made it one of the most beloved casino games on the planet.

In any game of blackjack, there can be one to several gamers playing against the dealer. But, instead of ganging up together to beat him, everyone plays independently, which means that there are games where players may win while other may lose. But to make things simple in this article, all the examples will feature one player.

Each games on All Slots online casino start the same way, all players make a bet. The dealer then deals two card each to everyone at the table. Both of your cards will be dealt face up but the dealer will have one card up and the other down.


Every card in the deck is worth a specific number of points. Numbered cards (between 2 and 10) are worth the numbers that are printed on them. In other words, an eight of hearts is worth 8 points. Face cards, ie kings, queens, and jacks, are worth ten points each. Aces are worth either one or 11 points, dependent on how it works for you. For instance, if your two cards are an ace and a face card, you automatically make 21 points. But, if you have a five, a jack, and an ace, your hand would only be worth 16 points.

Standing and hitting in blackjack

Assuming that no has hit 21 points after the first hand, you now have some choices to make. But, before you make them, you must take into account both your hand and the dealer’s exposed card.

If you are happy with your hand and you don’t want to risk giving over 21, then you should choose to stand. This will end your options and locks your hand in whatever score you have at the moment.

Alternatively, if you are unsatisfied with your hand and think you can get 21 without going over, you can tell the dealer “hit.” He will then deal another card to you. But, if you do go over, this means that you bust and will immediately lose your bet. If it doesn’t, you are again faced with the choice to either hit or stand. You can go through this process as many times as you want, as long as your hand does not exceed 21 points.

The Dealer’s Hand

After everyone on the table has played their hand, the dealer reveals his second card. Like you, if the hand doesn’t reach 21 points, he can attempt to improve it. But, in most cases, the dealer will hit if he has a hand that’s a max of 16 and stand if it's 17 or higher. The dealer will continue to improve his hand until the rules dictate that he should stand or if he busts.

If the dealer does bust, everyone on the table immediately wins. If the dealer stands, your hand will be compared to his. If your hand is higher, you will win money on all your bets. If your hand is lower, then you will lose all bets.