Top 3 Casino Hotels to Visit in Las Vegas

Most people who have never been to Las Vegas imagine the city as an endless row of casinos, restaurants, hotels, wedding chapels and other establishments. For those traveling there for a vacation this might be true - all they see is the entertainment and the money flowing through the veins of the city. Vegas is full of great places to visit, but there are three that stand out, having an international fame. Let me introduce you to them in this little article.


3. Wynn Las Vegas (The Strip)

The Wynn is among the most beautiful hotels in Las Vegas, and its casino is also among the most appreciated ones in the city. But it's more than just a hotel and a casino - it has an 18 hole golf course, amazing on-site luxury shopping venues, a greatly appreciated spa and fitness center, several acclaimed restaurants and meticulously designed accommodation. On the negative side, it does not have free WiFi (so no free playing at your favorite online casino canada, but who would want to do that in Vegas anyway...), and its prices are high enough to be inaccessible for some. Still, it is one of the most appreciated venues in Vegas.

2. Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino (The Strip)

A world famous place with a 14,000 square foot poker room, a place designed to be perfect for those seeking entertainment and quality casino gaming in one place. The hotel is appreciated for its three marvelous pools, including one that's for adults only, for its excellent spa facilities and for its dining options - both upscale and affordable ones. Besides, it has everything a modern hotel needs - meeting rooms and beauty salons, cribs and daycare services, and many more.
The Caesars Palace was opened in 1966, it has a classical architecture and mosaics around the pools and a massive spa with Roman baths. Surely a place to admire.

1. The Bellagio

The Bellagio, one of the jewels of the Las Vegas Strip, is the perfect destination for serious poker players and high rollers. It is located in the central area of The Strip, and it has five beautiful outdoor pools, several fine-dining restaurants (although just a handful of them are affordable), plus one of the best buffets in Las Vegas, with unlimited refill on Margaritas and Bloody Marys, plus high-end shopping establishments (including Chanel and Prada), free valet parking and even free WiFi in the rooms. Surely one of the most beautiful places to visit in Las Vegas.