Budget Gone Bust after Travelling Abroad?

Try these free Las Vegas attractions

I recently spent nearly two years in Turkey as part of a work & write travel contract that took me from Timisoara in Romania to my recent residence in Antalya, Turkey. I begun to miss home massively and organised a trip back to the US. Before heading home to Santa Barbara, I stayed at a local friends place for a welcome home party and then we hit the town for a freebie tour of Las Vegas.


Aquarium at The Mirage Las Vegas

Unlike the tank that burst in Disney World, this 20 000 gallon aquarium neatly situated in the front lobby, is unlikely to burst while you stare at the amazing sea-life and creatures that will captivate you in the hotel lobby. This gigantic (about the size of a city bus) tank houses sharks, puffer fish, stingrays, eels and smaller fish varieties. The tropical-themed Mirage Resort is also home to the famous Siegfried and Roy’s white tigers, with an indoor rainforest and we watched their volcano erupt twice. As it erupts on the hour, we caught it going into the domed forest and caught it again when we left. All free and just amazeballs.

CBS Television City Research Centre at MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

I wasn’t too caught up on what was airing in the US, I’ve only recently started watching "Sean Saves the World" but learnt that it was cancelled (Booo I say) and a new show called "Working the Engels" seems really good and quirky. All I was subjected to in Turkey, is their popular soap opera Muhtesem Yuzy?l" or the Eurovision Song Contest. So I was amped to visit this research centre to give my opinion on new shows never aired before. It’s all done on touch screens and screenings are in their small theatres. We watched a new show on CBS (Shhhh…can’t say what) but they said they screen unaired TV programs from MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, Showtime and others. For a TV junkie, this is a must-visit.

Although my time overseas is subsidised, extra spending money and flights aren’t sponsored. So when I travel back home, I need to be extra careful I don’t blow that cash on overpriced flights and excessive partying. I had to compare flight costs to the US and to Turkey (for when I return) via flythomascook, with other popular airlines and travel agents to see that I could make it home, travel a bit and still get back to my gig in Turkey.

Thats why I love coming to Vegas, there is so much more to see if you know where to look, and much of it is free.