5 Things To Do In Las Vegas Without Visiting Casinos

When we think of Las Vegas, it is easy to think of casinos. But do a little test and name at least five other things you can enjoy here apart from gambling all night. Struggling? No need to worry. Today I am going to share a list of five other things you are totally welcome to try out in this flashy city. They are not only equally or even more exciting than casinos, but they also capture the essence of the state of Nevada pretty well too. So, look for cheap hotels in Las Vegas now, pack your bags and have a one of a kind tour of this city including the following five places!

Area 51 Tour 

If you are just a little bit acquainted with aliens and other life forms, and you enjoy various conspiracy theories, very nearby Las Vegas located Area 51 is definitely worth your visit. And it is not that secured at all! In fact, there is a special tour you can join to explore this one of the most legendary military bases in the world. The tour is all about the places you have heard in pop culture and from your friends, so I believe that a day spent in here will be indeed a day well spent. Who knows, maybe you will get lucky and meet a green fellow wandering around here too!

Visit the “Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition.”

It might sound weird, but yes, in the middle of the desert you can find an exhibition of the ship. Located at the Luxor Hotel, the exhibition has been visited by more than 25 million people from all over the world. And it is easy to understand this popularity – here you will find all the real stuff found in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. The exhibition consists of the grand staircase which we remember from the movie Titanic too, so here you might get a one of a kind chance to getting to know a lot of facts both on the ship and the movie about it.

Hoover Dam Tour

If you ever travel to Las Vegas, don’t forget to use opportunities given to you and visit one of the biggest monuments of human mind – the amazing Hoover Dam. Opened in 1936 during the Depression era, Hoover Dam is considered as one of the greatest miracles of construction and engineering. And you should definitely spend just an hour there to get to know about the history of making it or just take a slow stroll down this massive structure.

A visit at the Grand Canyon

We can’t forget to mention Grand Canyon too! It is not just a few hours away from Las Vegas, and it would be a sin not to stop by here! In fact, there are even a special bus tours coursing from Las Vegas to the Canyon so there won’t be a problem of getting there either. I don’t know if we even need to talk more about this fantastic place – the name and all the legends about Canyon’s beauty are indeed the truth, and you just have to visit it at least once in a lifetime.

A tour at National Atomic Testing Museum

Deserts which surround Las Vegas were the ones in where atomic bombs were tested in the 1950s. Now, after so many years have passed, you can safely come to a unique museum which collected everything about these experiments and learn the most out of it in one place. Here you can even experience a real atomic bomb test – however, through the blue screen and check each and every of real 12,000 artifacts from that period.