Three common scams in Las Vegas

Oh, Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps (literally, as there is always life and a crowd on the Strip, and in other areas of the city as well). But as all cities, it has a light side and a dark side - and it is not free of scams or other manipulative techniques of make-believe. Here are some things you should avoid when visiting the gambling Mecca of Nevada.


1. Cabbies hauling you around the town

Although authorities have cracked down on cabbies taking routes much longer than necessary, there are still several of them who practice this. Hundreds or thousands of visitors come to Las Vegas every day, not knowing their way in the city, and they become easy prey for these scammers. One way to avoid being scammed by such a ruthless driver is to calculate your fare in advance through the Nevada Taxicab Authority website, as well as to educate yourself to avoid this shameless scam.

2. 6 to 5 Blackjack

There are so many people visiting Las Vegas for gambling - no wonder, as it is one of the largest casino cities in the US. Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games available here (you can play it live in numerous facilities, as well as on mobile when in your hotel room). Normally, a blackjack pays 3 to 2, but in some Las Vegas casinos a new version of the game was introduced, paying out 6 to 5. Do your calculations: a normal Blackjack will pay you $1.5 for a $1 bet, while at a 6 to 5 table this payout will only be $1.2 for a $1 bet, meaning more profit for the house. This practice is not illegal, but it's ugly - you want to avoid such tables at Las Vegas casinos.

3. Celebrity chefs

Although Las Vegas is the world's restaurant capital, with dozens of venues backed by the most famous chefs of the world (like Gordon Ramsay, Tom Colicchio or others). Some visitors might believe that these chefs are the ones cooking for them at the restaurants, but this is never true. The chefs themselves visit their restaurants occasionally, but only for photo opportunities or special events, but they never cook there, so anyone making you believe that dining there will give you the occasion to taste dishes cooked by the celebrities themselves is lying.

Las Vegas is a great place to visit, but under the layers of glitter and celebrities you can often find things that would make a Chicago gangster in the 1930s blush with shame. Do your research before traveling to the city that never sleeps, and don't let yourself be fooled by appearances.