Moving to Las Vegas?

Most people dream of visiting the gambling heaven of Las Vegas, whether it is actually for the huge casinos, or the strange and totally awe-inspiring sight of those millions of lights on the Strip. For some however, the obsession goes further than simply wanting to visit, but sometimes heads into the territory of actually wanting to move there.


Of course, this is a wonderful dream to have, and it is certainly something which is within sight. There are many job opportunities for those who have experience in the hospitality industry, whilst also being a great place to settle for retirees and expats; Vegas is not just about gambling and entertainment, as there is plenty of beautiful and laid-back landscape around the main city, as well as many golf courses and places to chill the hell out.


There are things you need to take into account before you move of course, such as healthcare-related issues. Always check whether any job you are taking includes healthcare contributions or whether you need to go down the line of EHIC Renew. Healthcare is not something you should be taking lightly, so always make this one of your priorities to check out.


Of course, you need to fund your dream and job hunting isn’t particularly difficult in the heart of entertainment. Online is the best place to head for vacancies, with local sites offering a more bespoke job hunting service. RecruitingNevada and are two of the most popular, however the local newspaper, Las Vegas Review, is also another good go-to. You could also be proactive and head into the place you’re targeting yourself, such as a particular hotel, with a CV, and sell yourself that way; innovation and confidence goes a long way in Vegas, because being such a huge entertainment city, managers are always on the look-out for new people to freshen up and engage their guests.


Vegas isn’t all about entertainment however, and there are opportunities for other types of employment too. There are always new developments taking place with expansion a constant feature. Having said that, regardless of what type of job you go into, long working hours are standard in a place this fast paced.


In terms of taxes, Nevada is a state which has no income tax or corporate tax to pay, this is because of the huge amount of income which the city generates from gambling – this is an attraction to many. Of course education is also a consideration for those who either want to further their studies, or those who are relocating with children in tow. Clark County School District is huge and encompasses both public and private schools, with many university level establishments within easy reach too.


Put simply, relocating to Las Vegas is not something which is out of reach for those who dream of living amongst those bright and shimmering lights. Actually working in the city that literally never sleeps is hard work, but it will be exciting, it will be varied, and there will always be something to keep you occupied.