Ten Tips On How To Win At Slot Machines

Everyone is aware that Las Vegas is known for its casinos. So it should come as no surprise to see many people trying to win large sums of money. Slot machines are amongst the most popular choices amongst players at online casinos and Vegas casinos alike, especially since they’re easier than many of the other games available. However, many have yet to figure out how to win. Here are ten tips which will help you win at slot machines.


Photo Credit: Las Vegas - slot machines by p_a_h, on Flickr

Photo Credit: Slot machines, Las Vegas by brian.gratwicke, on Flick

  1. There are many slot machines in casinos, which is why owners are very careful when placing them. The slot machines closest to the entrance have a higher chance of letting you win. Casinos want to attract as many customers as possible, so if they see people winning, they will most likely get in and try their luck as well. Slot machines near coffee shops and snack bars are recommended for the same reasons.

  2. If you’re inside the casino already, try the slot machines at the edge of a slot section to win. These are placed so people can have easy access and encourage others to pick the slots in the middle, which are tighter and have lower chances of winning. Just because you’re playing in an isolated area of the casino, doesn’t mean you will automatically win.

  3. Play slot machines with the best payouts, usually between 95 and 99 percent. Those machines are $1 and higher and are a good choice, with those higher than $5 getting the best payouts. The less expensive the machine, the less chance you have at winning.

  4. Play the maximum number of bets if you want to hit the jackpot. This is the only way you can really win big with slot machines.

  5. Test the machine you pick before playing to see how it responds. If you are not breaking even, try the machine next to you. Casinos never place two loose machines next to each other so your second choice might help you win the jackpot!

  6. Never play only one machine! Picking a favourite is not recommended, especially if you’ve won by playing it before. If you’re not as lucky with the same slot machine on another day, you might find it hard to switch and you’ll end up losing all your money.

  7. Be disciplined! You need to know when to stop playing. Manage your winnings and losses carefully, and set your winnings aside from the money you’ve planned on using for the slot machine initially.

  8. Don’t be too confident! It’s easy to let winning get to your head if you’ve been lucky. Many people make the mistake of gambling more when they are on a winning spree, sometimes even double the amount. Losing money can be just as easy as winning it.

  9. Setting a bankroll limit is essential. However, it is even more important to stick to your limit. Put aside the money you plan on gambling beforehand, and make sure you divide the sum properly, so that it will last you a long time. Never use the money you’ve set aside for personal use to gamble! A daily budget is always a safe bet in cities like Las Vegas.

  10. Keep an eye out for slot games with bonus features. Most slot games offer bonus features such as free spins, progressive jackpots, and various bonuses. Some slot machines might offer ten free spins, while others give you double to amount. The higher the number of free spins, the more your chances of winning increase. If you are aiming to win the progressive jackpot, take note that you will always have to bet the maximum amount of money on each spin.

There are numerous tricks when it comes to winning, and you can certainly find them out when you gain more experience. If you’re careful with your money and you know where to go when in the casino, you might come out a millionaire!