5 Things that are Much Better in a Land-Based Casino

There is a heated debate going on in the United States whether online casinos should or should not be banned in the country. While the dangers of playing online for real money are very much overstated - most European countries, as well as Canada, allow it, and they are still standing - online casinos lack a few things that land-based establishments have. The games are great at the Vegas Palms online casino, and their variety is larger than in any of its land-based counterparts, but it lacks a few things that are much better done in person.

The buffet

Most Las Vegas casinos offer something complimentary for their returning customers. Sometimes it's a drink, sometimes it's access to a VIP room, and often it's a buffet where you can fill your belly while emptying your pockets. And this is something no online casino can compete with - free food. OK, I know, you pay for it while playing, but it's still a nice thing to have at hand, right?

Flirting with the croupier

Online casinos have introduced live dealer games a long time ago, which allow players to feel a personal touch aside from the game itself. While the idea itself is great, it is just a faint copy of actually sitting at a blackjack table, holding the chips in your hands and flirting with the attractive employee of the opposite sex at the opposite of it. You can try to flirt with the live dealers in an online casino, too, but they are not really receptive to it. Besides, they don't see you - as far as they know, you could be some freak stalking them over the internet.

Tipping the croupier

Another thing I personally love to do when I play at my favorite Vegas blackjack table. When I win - and I can say it without sounding sounding opinionated that I win quite often - I like to share a bit of my wins with the person who dealt me the cards. It makes me feel even better when I win - and it often gets me some encouragement and consoling words when I lose. This is something you can't do online - there's no way to tip a computer, after all.

Dressing up

I don't go out too often on normal days, and my line of work doesn't require me to suit up. So, when I head to my favorite casino on weekends I love to take out the "good threads" for a change. It makes you feel like a different man overall. Of course, I could dress up to play online from home, but it would most likely make me feel weird...