Beware of these Las Vegas Casino Games

Continuous Shuffling Machines - CSM

Many strip casinos still offer these contraptions on their blackjack tables.


  • Makes card counting virtually impossible.
  • speeds up the game because there is never a break in the action.

Presently you don't find the CSM in local casinos probably because local players would not tolerate them. Hopefully the word is spreading that CSM dealt games are not very player friendly.


Single Deck Games Paying 6 to 5 on BJ’s

Blackjack - would you play if I told you the odds against you have increased NINE times more than the average game. I am talking about ANY game of blackjack that pays 6/5 for a blackjack instead of 3/2. When a 3/2 payoff is used the casino has an edge of 0.16%, when the blackjack payoff is reduced to 6/5, the casino advantage increases to 1.45%, a NINE times increase. This is a disturbing trend started by the Park Place Entertainment properties (Bally's, Paris, Caesar's, Flamingo Hilton, etc) and now spreading to other casinos. The attraction, of course is the single deck game, which usually offers better odds then a multiple deck game.


  • the payoff for a blackjack is 6 to 5 (or 1.2 to 1) rather than the standard 1.5 to 1.
  • the casino's edge in this game is around 1.4%(about 600% higher than the traditional single deck game)
  • players that do not bet in multiples of $5; the casino will pay off at 6 to 5 up to the $5 multiple and then 1 to 1 on the rest. For example if a player bets $8 and gets a blackjack he would get paid $9 (6 to 5 on $5 and then 1 to 1 on the $3).

My suggestion, FORGET this game is even being offered when you play in any casino, there are rumors that one joint even has an even money blackjack payoff, this is very close to unprofessional (but still legal). My advice... STAY AWAY from these unbeatable blackjack games and the casinos that are dealing them.

Super Fun 21

This is a single deck game with many favorable player rules (like you can surrender even after doubling down, you can double on any number of cards, you can double after pair splitting, your unbusted six card hand is an automatic winner, your natural is a winner even if the dealer gets a blackjack and a blackjack in diamonds pays 2 to 1


  • The casino only pays you even money on all blackjacks (except diamonds) and this one rule negates all the other good rules and leaves the house with a very comfortable 0.94% edge. This game, or a similar one called "Fun21" are appearing at several local casinos. The trend in Las Vegas now appears that if you want to offer a single deck game, offer the Super Fun 21.

Six Deck Games Disguised as Double Deck Games

This game is showing up at several downtown and strip casinos. Card-counters look out!


  • The game uses 6-decks, which are shuffled together but then, the dealer takes only 2 of the 6 decks and deals them by hand. When you approach the table the game appears to be a traditional hand held 2 deck blackjack game until you realize that the game is really a 6 deck game with lousy penetration. Stay away from this one.