Bingo in Las Vegas

When you think about Las Vegas, what games do you think of? Most people would reel off all those casino classics such as roulette, poker and blackjack. Others might mention craps and baccarat, as well, of course, as slots. The casinos in Las Vegas are world-famous for their table games and the rows upon rows of slot machines.

However, there’s another game that’s as popular in Las Vegas as it is in the rest of the United States, and that’s the simple but fun game of bingo. There are more than 20 different bingo halls in the city of Las Vegas; some of them are inside the casinos and others are bingo halls pure and simple.


At these Vegas bingo halls you’ll find that games go on all day, every day. It’s all part of the Vegas ethos – gaming when you want it, where you want it. And in true Vegas-style, the bingo halls always ensure their customers are comfortable, supplying them with complimentary sodas and juices during the games, and even giving out free doughnuts in the early morning gaming sessions.

Bingo’s never-ending popularity

Since the mid-1990s people have been playing bingo online, and even though there are a limited number of US bingo websites, an ever-increasing number of Americans play bingo online. That’s because many European sites such as 32red, Paddy Power and Vic’s Bingo accept US players and offer them the same great welcome bonuses as European players.

There are definitely advantages to playing bingo online. As well as getting free playing credit when you join a site and make a first deposit, there’s also the fact that you can play at any time, day or night, without having to go anywhere. You can also find a range of other games, such as casino games and slots, on the bingo sites. So you can mix and match your gaming choices with a couple of clicks of the mouse.

Many of today’s bingo players started out playing online and, contrary to what you might think, this has actually had a positive effect on the land-based bingo halls that you’ll find in cities like Las Vegas. Having tried the game out online, players find they want to try the ‘original’ version; being in a bingo hall, hearing the bingo numbers called out by a caller, and daubing their tickets with a bingo dabber as the game progresses. At most of the Vegas bingo halls, however, there’s also the option of playing electronically, where an electronic bingo device will mark your numbers off for you (in the same way that happens in a game of online bingo).

Click to play here at and you’ll not only get to try out a range of different bingo games on the bgo site, but you’ll also be able to benefit from a 500% bonus on your initial deposit. Other sites such as Rio Bingo and Vic’s Bingo offer similar welcome deals, but at bgo you’ll get 180 free slots spins too.

For example, online casinos like mycasinoroom offer an instant playground of live roulette wheels and flashy digital poker tables, so it is unsurprising that many users choose to play at this new Canadian site.

Whilst the online experience offers the chance to download casino games instantly and play for real money from the comfort of your living room, websites cannot offer the live entertainment, mouth-watering cuisine and sinful cocktails of the Hard Rock Cafe.

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There's Nothing Like Live Entertainment

The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, as it is officially known, was built by Hard Rock Cafe co-founder Peter Morton in 1995. Since then the venue has been expanded twice, in 1999 and 2007, to include various nightclubs and music venues.

The most famous of these is The Joint: this venue has seen several of Rock and Roll's Hall of Famers perform on its famous stage. From The Rolling Stones to Guns N' Roses, from Alicia Keys to The Killers, this location has witnessed several instances of musical history and will likely see many more.

To accompany this original venue, the Hard Rock Cafe opened up Vinyl in 2012. This chic-looking brick and cinderblock construction has a trendy industrial look set off by an exposed high ceiling.

All In The Name of Vanity

The Vanity nightclub is one of the hottest destinations in Las Vegas. This 14,000-square-foot space is home to two expansive and well-stocked bars, not to mention over 50 VIP booths. The most notable feature of this pulsating club is the cyclone chandelier which spans the entirety of the ceiling over the dance floor. This spectacular creation has over 20,000 crystals which are each individually lit by coloured LED lights. The resident DJs, Pauly D, Shift and DJ Five, are world famous and regularly travel the globe performing their Las Vegas-honed set lists.

Time To Go To Rehab

Rehab was the original pool party in Las Vegas. This picturesque beach-house often holds massive all-night pool parties hosted by a variety of internationally recognised DJs and personalities. Due to popular demand, the Hard Rock Cafe recently added a second pool party event to its weekly calendar, so now you can party from dusk till dawn both on Saturday and Sunday!

Where to play in Vegas

You’ll find bingo halls throughout the city of Las Vegas; including the Silver Sevens Hotel and Casino, the Plaza Las Vegas, Eastside Cannery, Sunset Station and Arizona Charlie’s. Most of them offer progressive jackpot games and some, like Arizona Charlie’s, are open 24 hours a day, so just as at an online bingo site, you can get to play bingo any time you like.