How Vegas Casino Security Differs From Everywhere Else

Although it may seem like casinos don’t have that much security or surveillance that is not the actual case, customers may not be aware as they don’t see it. Casinos have become increasingly more hidden on their security other than the few security guards who man the doors. The same applies with online casinos, although it may seem like they don’t have security, what you don’t know is that they do monitor accounts and online activity. All online casinos have to abide by rules and regulations that is why if you compare the top casino sites, you will notice that when you sign up they will ask for photo identification to verify your account. Just like most physical casinos will need ID before you enter their establishment.

Casinos and legalities on casinos have since become the strictest they have ever been. This dates back to the 1940’s when casinos first started popping up, and as they grew in size and popularity in the 60’s and 70’s it became increasingly difficult to keep a vigilant eye on players and chips. The majority of casinos when they first opened were not able to impose important countermeasures against cheaters and thieves as they had no high-tech like facial recognition or RFID chips that casinos now have in the modern era. The security in casinos back when they first opened and technology started to evolve only had installed cameras and security guards.

Casinos and especially Las Vegas casinos have some of the tightest security and cameras, the Aria Resort casino; part of MGM’s 67 acre CityCenter complex that opened late in 2009 is the largest privately funded construction project in the U.S. As it cost a grand total of 8.5 billion dollars to build, and part of that expense went on running fibre optic cable to each of the rooms. If you think any other Las Vegas casino is different than unfortunately you will be wrong. If you enter any major Las Vegas casino it would be the same as walking into a complex computer, as there are cameras everywhere that are able to track all each and every one customer and their footsteps throughout the casino.

When casinos first started out they had limited access to technology and little security since then casinos have upped their security intensely and they are now the first to use the earliest versions of security and surveillance devices. A modern Vegas property is a microcosm of a much wider world as most feature restaurants, a hotel, entertainment venues, retail shops and a sophisticated system of currency exchange. All of which is in a highly controlled environment.

The casino industry whether that be online or physical are both highly regulated, and the watchful tech they have implemented in all casinos is not only legal but in many cases, mandated. Each and every casino pays attention to its customers and their moves, yet Vegas Casinos seems to have the most high tech devices. Digital data has a long memory and highly effective surveillance technology spreads fast. The software that casinos use is able to measure customers gambling skills at the blackjack table. With all the data collection and camera monitoring that goes on in casinos it may feel a bit intimidating to be watched for some, but it is always important to remember that the technology that protects the house is also implemented to help protects customers.