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Free Things to See in Las Vegas

Always one of my favorite things about Vegas is the number of “Free” attractions there are to be seen in this fabulous city. Here’s a short list: (alphabetic order, I think)

Free Attractions in Las Vegas - something for everyone, here's a quick list of some fun, interesting, places to see some cost a few bucks, but still cheap.

Aquarium at the Silverton - located within the Silverton Hotel, a 117,000-gallon saltwater aquarium. While there be sure to check out the Bass Pro Shop that's attached to the Silverton, entrance is right near the Aquarium, it's huge! It also has some water features inside, with live bass, trout, etc. and a shooting gallery (I think rifles use infrared light to hit targets with).

Bonnie & Clyde Getaway Car - display located at Primm Valley Resort & Casino not only includes the original car that the infamous robber couple of the 1930s died in, but also the shirt Clyde died in, old Barrow family photos and a few handmade items manufactured by Clyde himself in prison. (While in Primm be sure to check out the shopping outlets)

Conservatory at Bellagio - designed and setup by a team of 100 horticulturalists, it features beautiful, elegant, elaborate arrangements of plants and flowers in its bright, airy atrium, often designed to fit the season - Christmas, Easter, July 4th, Chinese New Year, etc. Be sure to take your camera and gets some beautiful pics.

Downtown - a little shabby in places, but still a lot to see, check out our walking tour at  Golden Nugget nicest hotel/casino down there, could easily be a quality LV Strip hotel/casino.

Ethel M Chocolate Factory - Located seven miles from the Strip, its free admission entices us to the factory, through which many a visitor goes for a behind-the-scenes look at the candy-making (and tasting, 1st sample free) process, plus 3-acre Botanical Cactus Gardens located there too. Best to call for directions: (702) 433-2500

Exotic Cars at Caesars Forum Shops - amazing showroom. ($5 gen. adm., at least it's cheaper than Wynn's and offers more variety)

Fountains at Bellagio - Every evening, a water and music show plays again and again in the spectacular fountains filling the quarter-mile-long lake in front of the Bellagio. (TIP: have late lunch, dinner at Paris' Mon Ami Gabi restaurant, sit out on the patio and watch/listen to the Bellagio water show. very nice, also great for people watching).

Fountain shows at Caesars - Forum Shops - there's two shows - Fall of Atlantis (walk behind the fountain and check out more than 100 species of ocean life in a 50,000-gallon saltwater aquarium) and Festival - moving statues, laser show, with fire fun to watch. Of course, the Forum Shops are something to see too!

Fremont Street Experience - downtown, $70 million light canopy and 540,000-watt sound system. Got to see it to believe it.

Lion Habitat at MGM Grand - "Majestic" lions (or cats) are fun to see and watch. Don't get too close - although I think they sometimes let you go inside? Maybe not.

Masquerade Village at the Rio - It's Mardi Gras Vegas-style - wow! Just like the fun in New Orleans with music, dancing, party time and of course, FREE beads...whoa!

M&M's World - next door to the MGM Grand hotel-casino with 4 floors, lots of stuff to see here, check it out.

Museum of the American Cocktail - located at Commander's Palace restaurant inside the Desert Passage mall for the education and preservation of the history of the cocktail, arranged in a timeline format, tracing the history of the cocktail through the past 200 years. Can make you thirsty.

Neon Museum - located downtown end of Fremont St. Mall - open-air museum created by city of Las Vegas to preserve vital pieces of Vegas history. I hate to admit it but these signs sure bring back some old, great memories.

Penske Wynn Ferrari Maserati at Wynn's Resort - Ferrari and Maserati - awesome machines - wow! However, there is a charge of $10 for this one unless you already are an Owner!

Sirens of TI - lively gals (Sirens) and guys play temptress/pirate roles. Watch Sirens battle a band of pirates in Sirens' Cove, located at the front entrance of the popular hotel and casino. Be careful, this place can really get jammed up with people, hang on to those kids!

Volcano at the Mirage - explodes every hour after dusk - you can feel the heat from this one!

White Tiger Habitat at the Mirage - multimillion-dollar habitat offers visitors a free peek at the majestic animals, they are something to see! Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo - of course there's pink flamingos, and other birds, penguins too. Nice grounds, waterfalls, surrounding the pool area.


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